International Centre for Sciences



ClientNational Office of Construction of Passau
ProgrammeAmphitheatre for conferences and concerts 800 spectators, rehersal rooms, seminar rooms, cafeteria, changing rooms, administrative spaces, underground parking.
Surface17 000 m²


Mikou Design Studio

Images: Artefactory

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The urban location of the site, at the entrance to the city of Passau and in the immediate vicinity of the University, offers a reading of the International Science Center of Passau as an Interface building, a window on the city.
In this configuration, the building offers a large public esplanade on the “Kleiner Exerzierplatz” -in relation with the Nikolaikloster square- which articulates the pedestrian flows of the site and allows a continuity of the public space to the interior. The design of the private plot contributes to the fluidity of the square.
The Concert Hall has been raised above the forecourt and placed longitudinally, parallel to the entrance esplanade, with foyers arranged on several levels, in a balcony overlooking the city.
Our proposal is based on the idea of a building with multiple polarities that has several gathering and meeting places around the concert hall connected by an architectural promenade.
As opposed to a typology that would be articulated around a single central space, we propose several forum-spaces that communicate through visual and spatial diagonals.
These foyers, located at different levels of the building, are open to the city and offer several panoramas of the urban landscape:
1- The Reception Hall, an extension of the forecourt, on the +311 level, an open, versatile and flexible space that houses the multipurpose room and the rehearsal rooms.

2- The lower foyer located at level +318, in continuity with the delivery esplanade, landscaped and planted. It is the VIP foyer and the musicians’ foyer, which provides access to the stage and the lower level of the performance hall.
3- The upper foyer, located at level +324, is connected to the lower foyer by a large staircase in the façade.
It allows access to the upper level of the Concert Hall.
4 – The panoramic balcony accessible from the mezzanine of the upper foyer. It runs along the Concert Hall from east to west and offers views of the hall while providing a panorama of the city.
5- The roof terrace, located on the level of the seminars and classrooms. It is a privileged outdoor space, accessible to students for events and amplified uses.

From the panoramic terrace, the upper floors housing the classrooms and management offices are superimposed on the Concert Hall to allow for vertical load transfer. Set back from the facades, they free up the panoramic views to the east, west and north and promote a tempered perception of the building’s height from the Nikolaikloster.



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